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This section of the web-site if for those who enjoy colouring in patterns. It started out initially from the discovery that you can create some quite interesting patterns by staring out with a basic geometric shape and applying some simple transformations. There are currently three transformations, "Edge Replacement", "Dualing" and "Relaxation", which are described in the following sections.

Initially this program ran on the Google AppSpot but more recently I have reimplemented it using javascript and SVG, making it is properly interactive.

This section of the site also includes some patterns you can download and colour in yourself, some coloured in examples, some animations built using the relaxation algorithm and the Python Script to generate additional patterns, should you wish.

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This pattern is constucted from a heptagon with spokes. This is the "Relaxed" version, you can see the unrelaxed form on the examples page.

Relaxed example

A pattern based on a square.


These patterns were created using the "Grid" method.

Grid example   Grid Pattern

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