Colouring-in pattern generator

This page implements an interactive version of the colouring-in pattern generator I created a few years ago using python running on the google appspot. Google don't support appspot any more and it wasn't easy to use anyway. This page recreates the app using Javascript and is much more interactive. Use the "Start" button to initialise your pattern and then the "Next" and "Dual" buttons to advange it.

How this works is described on the original page.


Starting mode: , Num Sides: , Grid: , Expand outwards, Key:





Pattern key: 


The number of relaxation steps between drawing images
The size of a step in the animation. This is a reciprocal, larger values will create a smoother animation.
The drag in the relaxation calculations, a value of 0 means that no momentum is disipated, a value of 1 means that no momentum is carried forward between iterations.
The time in miliseconds between animation frames.
The print size. The size of the images created for printing.

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