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Use the drop-down selection box to choose the size of the sub-cells (n1 x n2) that make up the grid. The larger grid will be a square with sides n1 x n2 cells. For a standard 9 x 9 Sudoku select "3 x 3".

Enter the given numbers into the grid and press the "go" button. Values that aren't integers in the range 1-9 will be interpreted as blank cells. If there is an answer it will appear in the "answer" section.

If a solution is impossible the answer section will indicate this.

If the algorithm can't find a solution the answer grid will show the possible values for the undecided cells. You can use this mode to manually create your own puzzles.

The statistics section shows how deep the algorithm had to go to find the solution. Level 1 shows those cells that were discovered simply by crossing out those possibilities elimininated by being in the same group of nine cells as a given value. The higher numbers show deeper levels of the algorithm.

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