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Welcome to my site.

This is where I showcase the various images I've created over the years pursuing my hobby of using maths to create patterns. Wherever possible I've tried to provide explanations of how the patterns are generated and in some cases I've provided source code that you can download and adapt. Most recently I have been learning how to render 3D images using WebGL.

The site also contains some photos from some of my holidays, artwork by my brother and the fruits of my brother's butterfly hunting around the United Kingdon and in the West Indies.

Please Enjoy
John (eddaardvark@yahoo.co.uk)


January 2017: I've started examining the possibilities of a new Rubiks-like cube puzzle..

August 2016: I've created an interactive version of the Fibonacci pattern generator. You can find it here.

June 2016: I've created an interactive version of the colouring-in pattern generator the used to run on Google's AppSpot. You can find it here.

May 2016: I've updated the page about complexity in the Mandelbrot and Julia set pages.

I've fixed some broken links in the mandelbrot animation and python code pages.

May 2016: I've digitised my PhD thesis, up to chapter 2, here. Chapters 3 and 4 to follow.

Jan 2016:
See my Mandelbrot jigsaw. Max had this made for me from one of the images on this site. Click on the image to see the finished jigsaw.

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